Jesus Christ

Hymn on the Savior

I was among the riverbanks,
where Jesus was giving fish
to catch, and bread to crumble.

I heard him saying,
if you don't catch,
please throw out the other side.

As the apostles catched
their nets full of fishes.

I was there as a spirit,
seeking for Christ,
even with the times of
two thousands years ahead.

As at the far side of of
the gospel given by him,

i asked humbly,
please give me mercy,
for a soul being bound
by unhappiness and a
life of dissatisfaction.

As Christ, more beautifull
than the paintings by
all the artist,
gave me the sign of a life
devoted to wisdom and prayer.
just as a word of two.

After the dream back in my
reality, a life of christian
education and seeking his mercy
was given a day each day
a task to fullfill.

Every christian is catched
by his mercy, in any way,
and in all times possible.

If Jesus said, before abraham
i was there, what can be the meaning
of translation.

That his mercy was already in existence,
with or without name.

If jesus said,
giving up your life to follow me,
is it to step the path of sacrifice.
the life of slowly surrender everything.

His light was giving the world,
the peace of mercy and grace.
As still today we walk in his
trail, on his path, and through
his befriending.

Jesus Christ, as the saviour,
sometimes on the path
the fear of loosing all,
sometimes on the path,
the happiness
of meeting his influence.

As the path of prayer,
is my guide.

As the path of mercy,
is my light.

As the path of wisdom,
keeps me on track.

As the path of happiness,
is the granted virtue
of His words.