The marriage with Christ

As the bible tells us,
Jesus Christ came to the earth,
with a star of light guiding
the kings to enter the lair of wisdom

The angels telling the shepherds to
give thanks for such a high one.
Coming on earth not for himself but for us.

Jesus Christ said,
i come for the father, not for myself
And you love me for what the father is.

As i say, i and the father are one and the same.
So all love all dearness is not to me,
but to the father.

As i understood today,
as jesus said, i marry my church,
as he married his church,
it was a chance for every lady
who loved him to marry the Lord himself
as the lord was visible in him.

when saying the church is married to me,
as with egotism is to have the pleasure
of a marriage with many beautifull ladies.

But as i understood, as jesus did the work
of his father, and ladies loving him for it,
and longing to marry him.

He married them, not with sexuality,
but by a platonic relationship,
and because they loved the father,
he married them as the whole church.

For love to the Allmighty one,
is like a blessing for everyone.
giving genuine love and the fullfillment
even when the lord is not visible,
even when the marriage is not in a townhall or mayors home.

So for everyone loving Christ,
you may ask to marry him.
Even when not in a townhall,
even when Christ has no body.